Clinical Systems

Our lab has developed a platform that supports the development of applications on top of our Epic electronic health record. The platform has real-time interfaces to various clinical systems to retrieve reports, images, labs, orders and metadata. We currently support two applications that use the platform: 1) the Integrated Diagnostic Report (IDR), which supports cancer diagnosis through the integration and reconciliation of clinical information, and 2) a tumor board application that expedites case preparation and review.

Tumor Board

Our tumor board application uses an expert ruleset to make generating cases for review as easy as entering a medical record number. Our logic analyzes the available clinical information for each case and automatically pulls the relevant parts into a tumor board case. Rather than coordinating via email and PowerPoint, cases are centralized in the application, allowing for more efficient preparation, communication, and presentation.


The UCLA Integrated Diagnostic Report supports cancer diagnosis through the integration and reconciliation of test results. Using a set of clinical triggers, the system automatically generates integrated reports to provide a holistic picture of each patient and automatically identifies incongruencies that require physician review. Launched in 2015, over 10,000 cases have been processed with the application.